The Industry Leader in Quality Freeze Dry Equipment

Botanique Preservation Equipment, Inc. is the recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of Freeze Drying Equipment for Freeze Dried Floral Preservation.

Perfect Flower Preservation is the Rule with Botanique Freeze Dryers. Freeze drying creates preserved flowers with little change in shape or color.

Bridal Bouquet Preservation is extremely popular with today's Brides. Whether you are Capturing Memories through Wedding Bouquet Preservation, or creating perfectly preserved flowers for Home Interiors, you will find a very receptive and rapidly expanding marketplace. Your Business can capitalize on the Popularity of Freeze Dried Flowers. Let us show you how!

Botanique maintains a Freeze Dry Training/Research Facility in sunny, Phoenix, Arizona. We train clients in all aspects of Floral Freeze Drying and introduce them to our continuing research program.

Botanique is the choice for your Freeze Dry Equipment needs.

  • We are the recognized leader in technology in the Floral Freeze Drying Industry.
  • We have a polymer research chemist in our organization, with a full range of NON-hazardous pre-treatments for Floral Freeze Drying.
  • Our comprehensive Freeze Dry Training Program has over 1750 graduates from around the Globe.
  • And we have the Best Warranty in the Freeze Dry Business.

When you want only the best, Botanique's Floral Freeze Drying Equipment is the one for you. Let us build a freeze drying machine that is perfect for your needs.

With over 300 million people in the United States alone, the market potential is literally staggering for Floral Freeze Drying. The public is ready for your Preserved Flowers!