Botanique's Goals
Botanique's Goal In the Floral Freeze Dry Industry has Always Been to Help Create a Large, Vibrant, and Profitable Industry.


Success means different things to different people...
Being Your Own Boss
Staying Ahead Of Your Competition
Being Unique
Offering Your Client That Extra Touch


Create your Freeze-Dry Floral Preservation Success with

"The Complete Package for Success"

Botanique starts by providing you with the absolute best freeze dry equipment, built to stringent industrial specifications, Then we support the sale with:
  • The Best Warranty in the Floral Freeze Dry Business.
  • A training manual packed with over twenty years of research,  development, and experience. You are receiving Botanique's "Training for Success."
  • The Very Latest Chemical Technology for Freeze Dried Flowers.
  • Freeze Drying Answers - Richard DeLong has over thirty years of experience in the Florist Industry. Through his experience in retail, wholesale, importing and manufacturing/distribution, he has developed the answers to your questions on freeze dry flower preservation and freeze dry equipment.
"The Complete Package for Success"

Places experience on your side with the necessary information to help you create a SUCCESSFUL FREEZE DRY BUSINESS!