fluer-CHEM, Inc.
"When Only The Best Will Do"


We would like to take this opportunity and introduce our company fluer-CHEM Inc. fluer-CHEM has worked closely with B.E.C. Corp. researching, developing, and distributing Pre-Treatments and Post-Treatments for the Floral Freeze Dry Industry for the past 27 years. Our line of Chemical solutions help Freeze Dried Flowers become more durable, elastic, colorfast, and protects them from humidity and ultra-violet radiation. Our research continues as we evaluate new products to help you produce "Perfectly Preserved Blooms".


Pre Treatments

Botanique's sister company, fluer-CHEM distributes a full line of chemical pre-and post-treating solutions for freeze drying flowers.  The pre-treatments are all water based, and totally non-hazardous.  When applied to the flowers before freeze drying the pre-treatments soak into the petals and shatter proof the flowers, as well as setting color, and opening cell structure.


Post Treatments

fluer-CHEM also distributes several different post-treating solutions which add durability to freeze dried flowers, as well as sealing them from the harmful effects of humidity, and UV (ultra-violet) rays. This increased durability makes it much easier to design with the flowers.


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