Freeze Dry Business Opportunities

Botanique maintains a Freeze Dry Training / Research Facility in sunny, Phoenix, Arizona. We train clients in all aspects of Floral Freeze Drying and introduce them to our continuing research program.


Floral Preservation

Perfect Flower Preservation is the Rule with Botanique Freeze Dryers. Freeze drying creates preserved flowers with little change in shape or color. Bridal Bouquet Preservation is extremely popular with today's Brides. Whether you are Capturing Memories through Wedding Bouquet Preservation, or creating perfectly preserved flowers for Home Interiors, you will find a very receptive and rapidly expanding marketplace. Your Business can capitalize on the Popularity of Freeze Dried Flowers. Let us show you how! When the Freeze Dried Flower Industry began in 1988, the flowers were fragile, shattered easily, and had a tendency to change color. These problems have all been addressed through chemistry. The pre-and post-treating chemicals used today meet the needs for color stabilization, durability, and longevity in freeze dried flowers. Today, as the Freeze Dry Flower Industry continues to grow, many more people are enjoying totally realistic freeze dried flowers in their homes and offices.  Check out the Profit Potential you can make with a Floral Freeze Dryer!



Botanique Freeze Dried Taxidermy Equipment is very popular with Professional Taxidermists. The modern practice of Taxidermy incorporates many crafts such as tanning, molding and casting, and woodworking with Freeze Drying Taxidermy. It requires artistic talent in the areas of painting and sculpture.  Taxidermy permits the Professional to process many types of animal mounts with ease that would be very difficult utilizing traditional methods of taxidermy. Whether processing birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, or small mammals, Freeze Dry Taxidermy is now the preferred method.



Botanique Freeze Dryers are a favorite for varied Laboratory Freeze Drying usages. Freeze Drying (Lyophilization) produces very high quality products with little or no change in Chemical Composition (i.e., vitamins, minerals, and essential oils).  Freeze Drying is a very controlled process yielding very stable products that are easily packaged and stored at room temperature. Lyophilization often eliminates bacterial growth, prevents proteins from denaturing, and minimizes enzyme activity during and after processing. Freeze dried products have excellent solubility characteristics.  Botanique Freeze Dryers are processing samples in laboratories all across America. Botanique Freeze Dryers are working in today's research environments processing botanicals for chemical analysis, preparing herbal medicine samples, working in plant and animal product development, and processing USDA food samples. Botanique Freeze Dryers are available with either a #304 Stainless Steel Package or a #316 Stainless Steel Package (both chambers, shelving, and trays). When you need lots of freeze drying capacity, with major horsepower, and you are on a budget, Botanique is your first choice.


Water Damage Restoration

Botanique has been placing Freeze Dryers with Water Damage Restoration Firms for the past 15 years.  This market is showing excellent growth in both water damage restoration and disaster recovery.  Freeze drying can stop further water damage from occurring in books, documents, manuscripts, and cloth items.  Freeze drying can restore paper and cloth items almost perfectly. Following flood and fire disasters, recovery teams use the freeze dry process to rescue books, documents, and x-rays.  Freeze drying restoration firms find it profitable to offer their services to a wide variety of clients including; insurance companies, record storage firms, hospitals, universities, etc.  Every business with irreplaceable archives or records is a potential client.