Purchase a New or Refurbished Floral Freeze Dryer Before Training ​and Training is Free!

At Botanique Preservation Equipment, Inc., we are very interested in our clients' success in both the production and marketing of freeze dried flowers. At our Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona, we work closely with small groups of individuals, introducing them to all facets of freeze drying. Our students experience the operation and maintenance of the freeze dry equipment firsthand. Also, they gain valuable knowledge from working directly with fresh product being prepared for freeze drying, pre-treating flowers for floral freeze drying, post-treating freeze dried flowers, and designing in a "Keepsake" bubble frame for "bridal bouquet" preservation.


Some of the topics covered in this course include:

1. Introduction to freeze drying (Lyophilization), the conditions necessary for sublimation.

2. Setup procedures for new freeze dry equipment.

3. Control panel operation and initial start-up on freeze dryers.

4. Care & handling of fresh flowers, including hydration and nutrition.

5. Pre-treating flowers, loading trays, and drying cycles for freeze drying.

6. Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on freeze dry Equipment.

7. Loading and unloading a freeze dryer.

8. Flowers that process well in freeze dryers.

9. Marketing of freeze dried flowers.

10. Designing in bubble frames & shadow boxes.

11. Production cost for freeze dried botanicals (Worksheet for Individual components and pre-made designs)

12. Sourcing everything you need

13. Tools of the trade for freeze drying  


The Cost

The fee for this intensive two-day freeze dry training course is $895.00 for the first person from a location. Additional personnel from the same business location will be $395.00 per person. Course fee is due before training in order to have a space reserved for you. If you purchase a new or refurbished freeze dryer from Botanique, $800.00 of the training fee you have paid will be deducted from the balance of the machine.

Purchase a New or Refurbished Floral Freeze Dryer Before Training ​and Training is Free!


2019 Training Dates
April 25 - 26
June 27 - 28
August 29 - 30
October 24 - 25
December 12 - 13