“When Only The Best Will Do”

fleur-CHEM is a sister company of Botanique and works closely with B.E.C. Corp. researching, developing, and distributing Pre-Treatments and Post-Treatments for the floral freeze dry industry for the past 30 years. fleur-CHEM’s line of chemical solutions help freeze fried flowers become more durable, elastic, colorfast, and protects them from humidity and ultra-violet radiation. Our research continues as we evaluate new products to help you produce “Perfectly Preserved Blooms”.


The pre-treatments are all water based and totally non-hazardous. When applied to the flowers before freeze drying, the pre-treatments soak into the petals and shatter proof the flowers, as well as setting color, and opening cell structure.


fleur-CHEM also distributes several different post-treating solutions which add durability to freeze dried flowers, as well as sealing them from the harmful effects of humidity and UV (ultra-violet) rays. This increased durability makes it much easier to design with the flowers.

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