Our Story

Richard DeLong started Botanique Preservation Equipment, Inc. in 1989 in order to provide his botanical preservation company with more reliable freeze-drying equipment. Over the next 15 years, he designed 10 new models of freeze dryers for the botanical industries and had them built to his specifications.

The majority of these freeze dryers were referred to as “general purpose”, in that they could be modified for many other freeze-drying purposes. This included taxidermy, water damaged document recovery, archeological salvage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical preservation, freeze drying food, and a whole host of laboratory uses.

From the very beginning, Richard and his wife Rose, shared their knowledge of freeze-drying botanicals through 325 training classes spanning 30 years. Much of the emphasis in this training revolved around the preservation of “keepsake flowers”, such as bridal bouquets and sympathy flowers. At this time, Mr. Dan Marcey is the national marketing, sales, and training manager for freeze dryers in the florist industries.

A new chapter in botanical preservation began in 2017, as Richard preserved some hemp flower for a potential client. This has opened up an entirely new clientele for Botanique. Also, at this time Botanique is involved in the distribution of large industrial freeze dryers for the food industries.

Rich and Rose DeLong – 1990

Our Team

Richard DeLong


Richard DeLong is the recognized leader in technology in the Floral Freeze Drying Industry. Richard (MS in Science Education) established Botanique in 1989 when he could not find the quality Floral Freeze Drying Machines he needed for his wholesale freeze dried business. He has over 33 years floral experience in retail, wholesale, importing, and manufacturing.

Dan Marcey

Head of Sales and Lead Trainer

Dan Marcey grew up in the floral flower shop working at his father’s florist from an early age. Dan has over 35 years working with fresh flowers and over 22 years working with freeze dried flowers. Dan is the owner of Queen & i – Floral Preservation and has been training people getting into the floral preservation business for over 20 years.

Anne Arkfeld


Anne Arkfeld has been with our company for nearly 9 years. Anne started her career with ConAgra and then Continental Grain in Omaha, NE. Anne then attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After graduation, she spent 25 years in education. One of her “claims to fame” is that she is extremely detail oriented. We are proud to have Anne as part of the Botanique Team.

Kate DeLong

Marketing Specialist

Kate grew up in the business. Her parents kept her entertained at the age of 5 by giving her blocks of floral foam, freeze dried flowers, and artificial butterflies to play with. With multiple degrees in Photography and Interior Design, she started her own bridal bouquet preservation company at the age of 23. Her artistic background and key for design became an important asset to the mentoring of our clients, and now uses this asset to fulfill the role of Marketing Specialist here at Botanique.

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